Processing of non-ferrous ores

The multipurpose smelting unit MAGMA can be efficiently used in non-ferrous metallurgy instead of conventional units: shaft furnace, Vanyukov furnace, Ausmelt unit, unit for fuming in production of Ni, Cu, Pb, Sn, etc.

Because of design peculiarities and high cumulative thermal efficiency, MAGMA provides better technical and economic performance.

Flow diagram of production of ferronickel from oxidised nickel ore

Continuous smelting of ferronickel with the use of MAGMA envisages preliminary heating of nickel ore and flux by process gases from the smelting chamber of the unit.

Fed materials are smelted in a liquid bath of ore-flux molten mass.

Carbon reducer is fed to the surface of the molten mass for liquid-phase reduction of nickel, cobalt and some part of iron.

The smelting chamber of MAGMA is heated by fuel-oxygen burners located on the perimeter of the body of the smelting chamber..

The dust captured by the gas treatment system is injected in the flow of heated nitrogen into the ore-flux molten mass, where nickel and cobalt are additionally reduced from the dust.

The produced ferronickel is also released from the smelting chamber non-continuously.

The depleted reduced slag not containing oxides of nickel and cobalt is continuously released from the smelting unit.

Further, after settlement and sedimentation of ferronickel prills, the slag is used for production of cast-slag products or slag crushed stones.

Production capacity of MAGMA for smelted charge material is 300,000 tpy.