Processing of titano-magnetite ores

Complex processing of titano-magnetite ores by blast furnaces is practically impossible because of formation of high-melting-point slag with a high TiO2 content.

Efficient and complex processing of titano-magnetite ores is solved by using highly efficient cooling system of the smelting unit MAGMA that allows to use high temperatures in the working space of the smelting chamber.

The result of primary separation of titano-magnetite ores is vanadium cast iron and titanian slag, from which the following products can be produced at later stages of complex processing: vanadium slag (raw material for production of vanadium alloys), steel, ferrotitanium, highly titanian slag (raw material for a TiO2-based colouring pigment, titanium sponge, etc.).

Processing of titano-magnetite ore by the proposed technology is completely waste-free.

Flow diagram of processing of titano-magnetite ores