Multipurpose melting unit MAGMA forms the basis of all technological solutions developed by Metals Technology.

The main modules of the unit are the smelting chamber and its original cooling system notable for a liquid metal heat transfer agent. Such approach to cooling system, widely used in nuclear power industry, allowed to significantly increase heat transfer and therefore increase resistance of melting unit to high temperatures.

The other components of the unit (driers, heaters, charge feeders, the heating system, molten metal mixers and feeders of reducing agents to molten metal, the release system of smelting products, i.e. slag and metal, the process automated control system, the system for use of the thermal power of off-gases and their purification) are all selected depending on the application purpose of melting unit.

Temperature in the working space of the smelting chamber of the unit rises up to 1900°С and up to 1650°C in the molten slag zone.

An original cooling system design of the smelting chamber uses a liquid-metal coolant to maintain temperature of the body of the smelting chamber at 500°С.

Under such conditions, skull is formed in the molten slag zone on the working surface of the smelting chamber and this skull is used instead of the slag zone lining of conventional refractories. As a result, MAGMA can operate for a long time without interruption for maintenance.

The heat of the off-gases from the smelting chamber can be used in a boiler unit and for generation of electric power or for preliminary heating up of the charge fed to the unit. Process gases are treated by modern gas purification systems.

Maintenance of high temperatures together with high energy efficiency of process provides positive results in processing of the following types of materials:

  • Raw materials and slags of ferrous metallurgy
  • Sags of non-ferrous metallurgy including red mud of alumina production
  • Solid radioactive wastes of low and medium levels of radioactivity
  • High-ash thermal coal
  • Unsorted municipal wastes

Main applications 

 Principal specifications

Parameter Value
Thermal power, MW up to 100
Fuel types natural gas, thermal coal
Oxidising agent technical oxygen (95% О2)
Metal temperature in liquid lower bath, °С 1 350 - 1 550
Temperature of molten slag, °С 1 400 - 1 650
Temperature of gas phase in free space
(above molten slag), °С
1 800 - 1 900
Smelting chamber dimensions:  
    outside diameter, m 2,6 - 4,0
    length, m 3,7 - 9,0
Smelting chamber material boiler alloy steel
Cooling of smelting chamber body liquid-metal coolant
Bath lining periclase-carbonaceous or
high alumina bricks
Lining in slag zone of smelting chamber slag skull
гарнисаж шлаковый